Bronze alloys from Canaan during the Middle Bronze age
Amnon Rosenfeld, Shimon Ilani, Michael Dvorachek
In: Journal of archaeological science , 24, 9, p. 857-864, 2 fig., 2 tabl.
Publication: 1997
Summary: The chemical composition of 50 figurines, jewellery, weapons and tools of Middle Bronze Age from Canaan was studied. Although tin-bronze was already being alloyed in the late Early Bronze Age, our res... Read more
Language(s): Anglais
Topical name: objet métallique ; bronze ; métallographie ; arme ; figurine
Geographical name: Proche Orient ; Liban ; Syrie ; Israël
Chronology: Age du Bronze ; Bronze moyen
Uncontrolled subject terms: objet en bronze
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