The natural history of Aleppo. Containing a description of the city, and its principal natural productions in its neighboorhood. Together with an account of the climate, inhabitants and diseases particulary on the plague. Vol. II
In: RAP - QH192. R8 1794
Author(s): Russell, Alex (?-1768) , Russell, Pat, collab
Publication: London : G. G. and J. Robinson, Pater-Noster-Row , 1794
Physical description: 430-xxxiv-13 p., append. + ind. + ill. + pl., 30 cm
Language(s): anglais
Topic(s): urbanisme, espace urbain, minorité, littérature, sciences, faune, flore, santé , Syrie, Proche Orient, Alep , 18e siècle ap. J.-C.